Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tale of SUK by the GreenBaitul

Tale of the SUK family...

Yes...every family has its own unique character...That's wat everyone different i guess..Pardon me if my writing lacking of vocabulary isn't wide enough...hu2..

My conversation with abg kumar this afternoon, inspires me to write about how SUK family is converged..(solely based on my opinion)...I guess all of it starts with running for university election...yaadaa...yaadaa..yaadaa...then, she's one of the board vice president...that's how,our family started officially...But of course you guys know that most of us are even close at SRMUKM..I guess' I am truly really grateful for the opportunity of knowing my very dear friends..

They understands me thoroughly,backs me up when I'm facing crisis of my life,enjoys the greatest fun as an undergrad and so much more...hu2 :P
In short, K.sue the wise one; K.ain the bossy cutie; Jue2 the cool gurl; Cik qiah the stern beauty; Zai the drama queen; Qie2 the extrovert babe; Abg Kumar the caring bro; Achik the businessman ; Kerul the Alim guy and me...hu22..

till next time...lots of loVE

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